Your Turkey Division

We can act as your company’s Turkey division. If you plan to import a product from Turkey, Allamex can help you organize the entire process form A to Z.

We represent the importer/buyer, not the supplier.We do not take any fixed fees.We work on a commission basis, i.e., a percentage from the total invoice. The percentage varies depending on the product, volume, and the supplier. The buyer decides if we take our commission from the supplier or the buyer itself.

Transparency is the basis of our business philosophy.

The agreement depends on the structure of the business you want to establish. You might be willing to;

  • buy only one single time,
  • supply materials until completion of a certain project,
  • re-export to several countries on an un-known duration,
  • become exclusive distributor of a supplier or
  • another version out of countless reasons of buying from Turkey.